Edition in Spieler/Trainer verwalten doesn't work
Sorry but I don't speak German.

I'm a new user and just downloaded DFS v 8.1.3 few days ago. It's really outstanding! Unfortunately I can't enjoy it fully and don't know really why.
It works perfectly except for one thing: edition. It's really strange. Everything works fine but when I want to add a new player/team or edit existing one I always receive this annoying message: ungultiges datum.
Think I've tried everything to check what the problem could be. I installed different versions, various files/datenbanken(but it's not about compatibility). Tried with new datenbank. Updated my Java and Flashplayer. And it's always the same problem.
It seems the problem is only when I wanna write anything in and save it in Spieler/Trainer/Mannschaft etc. verwalten sections.
Have you got any idea what the problem could be?
Make sure your Windows date format is set to dd.mm.yy (Control Panel > Regional Options). It may be yyyy-mm-dd or other by default if your Windows.

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Since this question pops up regularly on the forum, maybe the issue should be resolved once and for all by allowing dates to be displayed in the current locale instead of being rigidly set to German?

Or if this not is possible, "ungültiges Datum" should be replaced with a message telling the user to change their regional settings.

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